Evgeni Plushenko: "I think to do coaching after the Sochi Olympics"

In an interview with the Russian media the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko told about his plans to do coaching.

“I would like to skate at the Olympic Games in Sochi and then decide. There are proposals to train foreign figure skaters from America, Europe. The largest active are the Japanese. They say to me: Come, here’s a free ice, train our young skaters and so on.

But I think to start coaching after the Olympics in Sochi. I have a great desire to do it. I don’t know so much about figure skating as my coach but he gave me many lessons. Then, a have some business plans with my wife. They are under development. By the way, if it were not for my wife, I would have never returned to the sport after a break.

My wife had taught me that in 27 years in men’s figure skating I still can take top places at the podium. A long time I didn’t believe it. It was very hard time. But she went with me on the ice, went to all the competitions. Sometimes, returning from regular trainings I fell on the couch with the words: “I can’t do it!” But she insisted: “No, Evgeni, you can! Go ahead!” Also a long time I had problems with my weight.

Now I weigh 70 kg. In general, I regained a normal physical form. I also got a real help from my wife in all my sponsorship, advertising business” – said Evgeni Plushenko.

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