Hot ice of Javier Fernandez

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

Photo by Marina Nastevych

We are used to divide the country with great traditions in figure skating and the country where this sport is only growing. I think that if Spain will continue to present skaters such as Javier Fernandez, then this country will go to the list of top countries of figure skating very soon.

In the last season this guy was very impressed us with his skating. Very good technical elements combined with true Spanish passion brought Javier an 8th place at the European Figure Skating Championships 2010, a 14th place at the Olympic Games in Vancouver and a 12th place at the World Figure Skating Championships 2010. Just great results! But just recently not many people knew this skater. And, of course, I once again admire the great work of his coach Nikolai Morozov. It’s amazing how he manages so successfully his work with such a large group of skaters.

Javier began skating at the age of six, after his older sister started taking lessons, and landed his first triple jump at the age of 12. He trained in Spain, at Madrid’s Igloo club, for many years before moving to New Jersey to work with Nikolai Morozov. Perhaps he trains now on the new skating base of Nikolai Morozov.

Spain is very famous for its national dances. It’s in the blood of this nation. They feel the music with all their heart. Now add this to the everyday’s hard work on the ice, to the great love for figure skating, to the relentless pursuit of excellence, to the great dedication to competitions and to the genius of a coach. It was then we can see such skaters as Javier Fernandez.

The new season has begun and I would really like to see this Spanish guy continued to delight us with new achievements.

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