Tomas Verner: "I don’t know yet whether I will train in North America"

Former European champion Tomas Verner has completed six-week trainings in the U.S. and Canada, but has not yet decided whether he will be constantly cooperating with the North American coaches.

“Six weeks have brought me a lot of information. Now I need to take a pen and paper to determine the pros and cons and then decide to return there or not.

Theirs training are very different from that to which I was used in Europe. They have trainings every day and it’s an athlete’s routine. I also never experienced with such heavy loads in the gym, but my body has become stronger, I improved my coordination and balance.

For two weeks I trained with Brian Orser. The first week I liked it, although it was scary, because it was not used when Brian work together with all skaters. No private lessons, he works with you for 40 minutes. If he continues to see problems, then he suits. On the ice at the same time there are about 10 or 12 skaters”- said Verner in an interview with Blesk edition.


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