Alissa Czisny is back!

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

Yesterday there was a wonderful evening at the Skate Canada. I with a sinking heart looked at the performance of Alissa Czisny. And she has won this competition! But at first I want to thank all participants. There was a good struggle on ice. Why do I pay so much attention to Alissa?
Because she as anybody another has deserved this victory.
She has deserved because of her skating. She has deserved it after enough difficult periods in the career. She has deserved it thanks to the strong character which has helped to overcome all difficulties and to shine again on the ice.

You likely remember my article “Let’s support our skaters” where I wrote that it is necessary to remember those to whom we still delightfully applauded yesterday. If you didn’t read, read it.

Many mass-media still more recently wrote about her crisis and then in general have ceased to mention about her. It concerns also printing editions, the internet editions and some blogs. Though, in my opinion, some blogs look in more positive light than the big mass-media. I now don’t mean my blog at all. I talk about some others. My blog let’s be estimated by readers, not by me.

Certainly, now, when she contrary to all critical opinions has won the tournament, the mass-media write again about Alissa. I would like to ask them: “Hey guys, where you were earlier when supportive words were so necessary to her? Why you always concentrate the attention only on new stars forgetting that there are others too which can to sparkle still for a long time? Are you strongly worried about your rankings?” It is not assured that I will receive answers to these questions.

But all it grows dim in comparison with that Alissa, despite all difficulties, has overcome them in excellent style. Great words of sincere gratitude are deserved her coaches Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen. They have done an excellent work. And so including thanks to the strong constant support from the family, friends and the real supporters she amazes us again with her performances.

I am very glad that Alissa comes back to the best shape thanks to which we can see her again at the big competitions enjoying her gorgeous skating.

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