Alissa Czisny – New season, new page

Yesterday, on the popular social network Facebook has appeared a new page – Alissa Czisny Page.

This is the official fan page of Alissa. It is created with the personal permission of the figure skater and I am the administrator of this page. Of course it will develop in collaboration with Alissa.

I would like to invite you to become a fan of this project. Also, we are very grateful for your comments, links, videos, etc.

Alissa really appreciates the support of her fans. In the new season she comes with a new coach, with new wonderful programs and with excellent preparation. She’s very excited of the new skating season. All this thanks to all people who care about her skating, who sincerely supports Alissa despite the different times of her career, who still comes to ice arena to watch her performances.

On behalf of the Team Alissa Czisny I say unto you thank you very much!

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