Alissa Czisny – Soaring above the ice

Review by Vladislav Luchianov

Alissa Czisny’s style of skating is impossible to describe. It’s so great creativity on the ice that I do not think that it can be with someone confused. There are skaters with similar styles. But it’s not about her!

Today, at the Skate Canada she showed a real performance. It had everything: beauty of the choreographic lines, starting with the first gesture; the music which was with her throughout the performance, her famous unique spins. Even becomes absolutely does not matter what the competition is held. Her skating is really above any scores because it is a real genuine creativity.

It is like being in the famous theatre when looking at the scene you forget about everything. Do not need any words. And at the end of the play wants to endlessly applauding and shouting: “Bravo!”

Skate Canada – Alissa Czisny, short program

Skate Canada – Alissa Czisny, practice

Skate Canada International short program’s results, top five:


1 Cynthia PHANEUF CAN 58.24
2 Ksenia MAKAROVA RUS 57.90
3 Agnes ZAWADZKI USA 56.29
4 Alissa CZISNY USA 55.95
5 Amelie LACOSTE CAN 55.30


2 Marissa CASTELLI / Simon SHNAPIR USA 56.34
3 Paige LAWRENCE / Rudi SWIEGERS CAN 56.14
4 Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORD CAN 54.80
5 Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Dylan MOSCOVITCH CAN 53.68 


1 Nobunari ODA JPN 81.37
2 Kevin REYNOLDS CAN 80.09
3 Adam RIPPON USA 77.53
4 Patrick CHAN CAN 73.20
5 Alban PREAUBERT FRA 69.71

Ice Dance:

1 Sinead KERR / John KERR GBR 62.96
2 Vanessa CRONE / Paul POIRIER CAN 62.95
3 Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES FRA 54.43
4 Madison CHOCK / Greg ZUERLEIN USA 54.19
5 Kristina GORSHKOVA / Vitali BUTIKOV RUS 51.56 


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