Brian Joubert: “I want to become the first skater who won all the Grand Prix events”

Photo by Marina Nastevych

A well-known expert Veronique Guyon explains why, after five years, she agreed to resume cooperation with the World champion Briand Joubert, with whom she worked for fifteen years.

“He had a painful season. I want to help him regain the confidence, “- said Guyon.

«We’ve known each other for fifteen years. We have a very good dialogue between us, without any problems. We are working calmly, “- adds Joubert.

This season, the skater will skate flamenco in the short program and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in a free skate.

“Flamenco it’s my idea. I chose as a choreographer Antonio Najarro. He was never a figure skater, but he was admitted as the best dancer in Spain. For my free skate program the music has chosen choreographer David Wilson. At first I did not like this music. I could not feel it. But with time everything turned out “- emphasizes Joubert.

“Both programs are well built” – said Veronique Guyon.

“I’m not ready yet for a hundred percent. The most important for me now is to present my new programs to the public and judges. This will allow me to systematically prepare for the Cup of China. I want to become the first skater, who won at all Grand Prix events. This is one of my priorities, along with European and World Championships “- quoted Joubert La Nouvelle République.

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