"City Lights" – the Music and Drama Ice Show

Alexei Yagudin,Ilya Averbukh The first rehearsal has been recently held for the upcoming premiere of “City Lights”, directed and produced by Ilya Averbukh, a famous Russian professional skater in the past and a sports producer in the present.
Previously, Russia had no such grandiose projects aimed at the western extent and quality of production.

“World public is accustomed to think that only exported to Russia performances are likely to excel in quality. Film industry is a vivid example of the most prominent way to promote the shows employed in the West, that is essentially a catchy “packaging”. Foreign films, localized musicals, guest concerts, international performers – these formats have proved to be utterly appealing for the Russian audience. This perception is very difficult to break, but I’ll give it a try” – says Ilya Averbukh.

The concept of the performance on ice features several separate themes that are logically interrelated. The generic image Charlie Chaplin and his multiple stage roles – comical, kind, sarcastic, a little tramp and a tireless pilgrim – he is the soul of the city invisibly or visibly present in every episode, reminding other heroes of the show and the audience how important it is not to lose the ability to dream and enjoy the moment.

Participation in the performance take Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Navka, Roman Kostomarov, Elena Berezhnaya, Anton Sikharulidze, Tatiana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin, Maria Petrova, Alexei Tikhonov, Margarita Drobiazko, Povilas Vanagas, Maxim Stavisky, actor Marat Basharov.

Musical on ice is going to be an innovative format, which is however based on the practise of a well known in Russia TV show called Ice Age that incorporated remarkable skaters in a spectacular mixture of sports and acting. Travelling across the city staged on ice is brining together best talents in skating, acclaimed performers, as well as the producers, designers, actors and performance experts with the worldwide experience.

The official premiere will take place from 14 to 17 October 2010 in the concert hall “Russia” in the Luzhniki Area.

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Video about the project – dress rehearsal

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