Elizaveta Tuktamisheva: “We have to sacrifice something”


Interview by Vladislav Luchianov
Photo: Ivan Daniluk
Assistance: Anastasiya Myasoedova, Tanya Soo


Elizaveta Tuktamishevabegan this season with very good victories at the Junior Grand Prix series in Romania and Germany. Then she continued this way in France where she won gold in Coupe de Nice. This young talented figure skater is considered as one of the main Russian hopefuls.


- Hi, Elizaveta and thanks for taking out the time for the interview! First, my congratulations with qualification to the Junior Grand Prix Final! You have won both events – in Romania and Germany. Where it was more difficult?


- More difficult was on the first Grand Prix event, it’s all still new to me:) And at the second event I was more calm and confident.


-In this season you improve your mastery and elements very well. And what was the most difficult in the learning figure skating basics in your childhood?


- Actually I just work hard on my trainings with all things I have already learned. About childhood….I don’t know…it was a long time ago)…… The main thing is that I started to stand on the ice.


- You’re considered as one of the most promising single lady’s skaters in Russia. And how do you evaluate your own level of skating?


- I evaluate it as a good level but, of course, there is always a lot of work to improve my skating.


- Your technique is perfectly combined with the artistry. How difficult is to keep this balance?


-Basically it is the numerous trainings and a good time managing.


- What is your the most memorable performance?


- I memorized all the competitions and all are equally important to me.


- How many time do you spend for trainings and how difficult is to manage your daily life?


- Basic season’s preparation was in the summer. Now I just work on my elements and I train on the ice for about an hour. I have forgotten for a long time about usual life, we have to sacrifice something.


-The Russian single lady’s skating (senior) for quite some time has a certain gap. I mean victories at the big competitions. Do you have plans to change this situation? 


- Yes, of course, I have these plans-).Unfortunately my age doesn’t allow it yet.


- What are your main goals for this season?


- Well, my goals are to win the Junior Grand Prix, the Russian Junior Championships and the Russian Nationals (Senior).


- Elizaveta, once again thank you very much and good luck!


- Thank you!



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