Fedor Klimov: “England left a good impression”


Interview by Vladislav Luchianov
Assistance: Anastasiya Myasoedova


Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov are the Russian junior pair skaters. They live and train in St. Petersburg. Their coaches are Ludmila Velikova and Nikolai Velikov who brought up many World and European champions. Choreographer is Alexander Stepin.

The season of 2010/11
Junior Grand Prix, Great Britain – place: 1 (151.64)
Junior Grand Prix, Austria – place: 1 (159.79) 
The season of 2009/10
World Junior Championships – place: 3 (145.35)
Russian National Junior Championships – place: 1 (167.18)
Junior Grand Prix Final – place: 7 (122.19)
Junior Grand Prix, Belarus – place: 7 (124.00)
Junior Grand Prix, USA – place: 2 (129.50)

VLAD: Hello, Fedor! First of all, my congratulations to you with two fine wins and reaching to the Junior Grand Prix Final. Tell us what do you think about your skating in Austria and the UK?


FEDOR: Thank you for your congratulations! Our performances were good. In four programs we have made a mistake with only one element – it’s not bad. In Austria it was a little difficult because it was the first start of the season but in the UK we have already skated a lot easier and relaxed.


- And where did you like the most and why?


- I’m more like to compete in the UK. I have always dreamed to go there. And though I could not go to London or another major city, England left a good impression. As for the skating and organization I can say that everywhere was fine.


- In your opinion, all conceived at you has turned out?


- Yes, all has turned out, except for several errors in the UK.


- Can you name your main competitors in the JGP Final?


- Our competitors are the same as in last year: the Chinese and Japanese pairs which have taken the second places at these stages of Grand Prix.


- Could you tell a little about your trainings and your remarkable coach?


Our coach is very patient at us, very experienced and also she is the person who listens to opinion of an athlete. These are her main qualities.


For skaters it is a usual thing to travel from one country to another to the competitions. How much the acclimatization means for you?


I practically don’t notice it. Only when we were in Japan there were problems with sleeping. But they have begun after competitions. So I feel lucky.


- Do you have your favorite skaters from the history of figure skating?


- I am interested in modern skating and I don’t have idols from the past.


- Probable you don’t have a lot of free time. But if it appears, what do you like to do? 


- I like football, reading, watching movies and other kinds of rest whenever possible.


- Tell us about your goals for this season.


- Our goals are to struggle for the highest places at the Grand Prix Final and at the Junior World Championships. Also to be a part of the Russian National team. 


- Thank you, Fedor. All the best!


- Thanks!

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