Kimmie Meissner – Charity from the heart

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

When we hear about one form or another charity of athletes then it is usually expressed in a simple transfer of funds or in something like that. That is indirect participation. Of course, that’s fine and admirable, though it is not common, unfortunately.

Today I want to tell you about a girl who despite the relatively young age, does not just helps in the distance but she participates in this process. This is the World and the US National Champion 2006 Kimmie Meissner.

After a knee injury she had to leave at the time of a great sport, although she said she still plans to return to the ice. So this very young girl for several years has been very active in helping children with cancer. And her help is not simply one-off promotional shares. She is the one of the most active participants of the Cool Kids Campaign.

Kimmie spends a lot of her time with these children, taking part in various aspects of their lives, helping them to understand that even in their difficult situation there is still hope.

And I’m sure that as a result of her activities are already many lives saved. And to save even one child’s life means to make the world better, kinder and more beautiful. This means that not all people are mired in a tightly glamour, indifference and unbounded selfishness.

Unfortunately, the mainstream press does not write about it. But you can find lots of news about how this or that skater participated in a regular photo shoot or in a television show with expensive television advertising.

But fortunately there are others such as Kimmie. And I’m sure that there are many people like she. Figure skating brings beauty into our lives, but also this beauty can save the lives.

You can take part in the Cool Kids campaign by clicking on this link.

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