Kiri Baga: “The JGP Final this year is going to be very competitive”

Kiri Baga

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

When I for the first time watched La Strada program by Kiri Baga, I saw a very distinct image of a beautiful butterfly fluttering above the ice. Although this comparison is not entirely accurate because even since last season she was remembered by her beautiful sense of music and at the same time the complexity of the technical elements. Her programs for this season are perfectly choreographed for this talented figure skater. And one of the main things is that Kiri is improving her skating from year to year not only in skills but also in the ability to captivate audiences.

Kiri, firstly I congratulate you with qualification to the Junior Grand Prix Final! Could you tell a few about an idea to create your programs?

KIRI: Thank you! My short program is Danse Macabre. It’s the same as last year, although now it’s more difficult technically. I’m doing my best to improve upon last year’s program. My long is La Strada. When I watched Daisuke Takahashi skate to La Strada at the Olympics, I immediately wanted to skate to the music myself. The music is great for performance, which is my favorite part of competition.

- What do you think about your performances in Japan and the Czech Republic?

– I have been quite satisfied with my performances on the JGP circuit this year. In Japan, I skated two great programs, and landed all but one jump. It felt amazing, but I had to improve upon my component marks if I wanted to raise my scores. I focused more on the component side of things in the Czech Republic then I did in Japan. My programs weren’t perfect, but I’m getting a lot of experience in competing with big jumps which was my goal for this season.

- In your vision, what have you skated very well and which moments should be given more attention?

– I think I skated very well in Japan. I went in with a great mind set, it’s so important for me to be relaxed. I could have done better in the Czech Republic, focus wise. That’s what I need to work on the most.

- You have an amazing dress! Who designed it?

– Thank you! My short program dress was designed by Brad Griffies and my long program dress was designed by Elena Pollack.

- Kiri, you wrote an athlete diary for Icenetwork. Did you like blogging?

– Yeah, I loved blogging. I really like to write, and it was a great chance to tell everyone at home what was going on in Japan and Czech Republic.

- What do you think about the JGP Final? I mean your competitors?

– I think that the JGP Final this year is going to be very competitive. I’m not focused on placement. If I can go and skate two programs that I can look back on and be proud of, I will be satisfied. I know where I need to be and what I need to improve upon. I’m more focused on my placement in the years to come, then how I’m placing right now.

- What are the other goals you have for this season?

– My goals for this season were to compete successfully with all of my triples in my program, and to compete at Nationals at the senior level, which I have qualified for this past week.

- Thank you very much, Kiri! Best of luck!

– Thank you!

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