Maxim Staviski: "Ilinykh and Katsalapov don’t have a self-confidence yet"

A two-time World champion in ice dancing Maxim Staviski, who skated together with Albena Denkova, believes that the Russian duo of Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov still does not show a true professional skating.
“They are very technical couple with good programs, they skate well and they have a great future. But there are two problems. First – they still show more the junior skating. They don’t have a mastery of self-confidence and proper presentation. Elena and Nikita did not present themselves as masters.

The second problem – they need to learn to make a new lifts. Those that they have, I can’t name as good and interesting. They are, in fact, repeats lifts from the repertoire of the former Zhulin’s students Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. Although they are very technical skaters.

Skating elements which they perform are very well. Yes, Elena and Nikita are yesterday’s juniors, but they are not alone. The transition to senior skating is very complicated and nervous. Everyone have to learn a lot of new things. But all this learning is possible and necessary “, – quotes Staviski RIA Novosti.

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