Yuri Shevchuk: “Our juniors very worthily represent our country!”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Special thanks to Anastasiya Myasoedova for her active assistance in arranging this interview!

Yuri Shevchuk and his partner Alexandra Vasilieva are the Russian junior pair skaters. They live and train in St. Petersburg. Their coach is the two-time Olympic, World and European Champion Artur Dmitriev. Choreographer is Tatiana Druchinina.
The season of 2010/11
Junior Grand Prix, Great Britain – place: 9 (112.75)
First stage of the Russian Cup – place: 2 (120.93)
The season of 2009/10
Russian Cup Final – place: 4 (128.59)
Russian Junior Championships  – place: 5 (144.85)
Junior Grand Prix Final – place: 8 (121.35)
Junior Grand Prix, Belarus – place: 4 (130.14)
Junior Grand Prix, Poland – place: 4 (127.12)
The season of 2008/09
Russian Junior Championships – place: 6 (124.49)
VLAD: Yuri, how did you get into figure skating?
YURI: In principle, everything was quite simple. My mom decided to put me into figure skating.
-  Is there some moment in your childhood that will be remembered forever? Maybe when you first time did some difficult element?
- Yes, before pair skating I remember my first clean double axel.
- Your coach is the two – time Olympic Champion Artur Dmitriev and you certainly viewed his past performances. Do you take something from them, apart from basic trainings?
- Yes, of course. Artur Dmitriev also shares with us tips from his experience about how to focus before the start, how to distract it, and how at the right time to gather all the power to the most important minutes of performance.
- And approximately how much do you train per week and for how long?
- We have ten trainings a week: an hour and a half on the ice and an hour we spend for off  the ice trainings.
- How would you rate your performances in the first stage of the Russian Cup and at the Grand Prix in Sheffield?
- I’m not very happy with how we performed. We could skate better, but unfortunately not all of our plans succeeded.
-  In a pair skating on the relationship between partners depends the success of the team in general. In your opinion, how should be these relationships?
- I think they should be based on mutual understanding between the partners. This I think is the most important.
- Which of your performances do you consider the best?
- I think in Minsk, during the Grand Prix. We had many successful things there, except for some jump elements over which we are working hard. Likewise there is still work to do in terms of choreography.
- This year in each Junior Grand Prix event the Russian skaters win high places. And what is your opinion about the junior figure skating in Russia as a whole?
- In this I fully agree. Our juniors are very worthily represent our country!
- Do you have your favorite skaters from the history of figure skating?
- I really like Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin. They are very beautiful pair!
- Tell us about your goals for this season.
- Our main goal is to try to skate clean programs, then the places will be worthy.
- Yuri, once again many thanks and good luck to your pair!
- Thank you!

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