Angelina Telegina & Valentin Molotov: “We wanted to try our strength”

Authors: Anastasiya Myasoedova, Vladislav Luchianov

Photo: skaters photo archive

Today I would like to present you an interview with the Russian skaters about which we still know very little. All we know how some sports federations like to pre-determine “the first couple of country.”

But these guys are noteworthy because, except their good skating technique, they have something that remains in the soul of the audience after the performance. They have genuine, absolutely sincere emotions that adorn every skating event in ice dancing. I’m talking about Angelina Telegina and Valentin Molotov.


Before the interview I recommend you to watch one of the skating programs of this couple. Unfortunately, the video quality is not very good (Russian television is not very interested in non–top skaters), but, alas, I have not found another fresh video.

Angelina Telegina/Valentin Molotov – free dance

- Hello, Angelina and Valentin! Thank you for having agreed to answer a few questions. Tell us how you started skating.


ANGELINA: I began skating at 7 years in the Sokolniki Sports Palace. Like everyone else I started in singles. My first coach was Svetlana Lyubushina.


VALENTIN: I came in figure skating in 4, 5 years, almost by accident. Familiar parents gave their daughter to engage in this sport and I was taken for the company to start training. I trained in St. Petersburg with Tatiana Klenina.


- At what age did you start ice dancing? Don’t you regret?


ANGELINA: I have 8 years old when Alla Belyaeva advised me to go into ice dancing. I don’t regret about my choice. All the time I wanted to get into ice dance


VALENTIN: I started ice dancing when I was 15 years old. No, I don’t regret too. In St. Petersburg there are a lot of very talented single skaters and by the standards of pair skating I’m not high enough. I was advised to go into ice dancing and my team sent me to Moscow to try myself with Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva. Sometime later I was invited to work with Alexei Gorshkov.


- How long have you skate together? Do you have some disagreements in trainings? How do you deal with them?


ANGELINA/VALENTIN: We skate together since February 2009. We try to avoid any disagreements and find compromises.


- How much time do you spend on trainings? What else is included in your preparation?


ANGELINA/VALENTIN: Every day we have two trainings. On the ice we spend 4 hours a day; in addition to this we have gym, choreography, jazz classes and general physical preparation.


- How do you like the idea of replacing the compulsory and original dances on a short dance?


ANGELINA: At first I absolutely didn’t like this idea. But now, when we moved into the senior skating, I have a more positive look at this idea.


VALENTIN: To be honest I don’t like it. I really like the more technical skating, to which I aspire to, and the appearance of short dance can lead to the fact that the ice dancers will skate not so good.


- Do you have any idols? I mean the skaters in which you want to be like?


ANGELINA: There are people on which need to focus, rather than to be with someone similar.


VALENTIN: I want to be myself. As a person I really like Alexei Tikhonov. I want the fans talking about me with the same warmth.


- Are there any images that you would like to create on the ice?


ANGELINA: We really wanted to bring the images from the film “Moulin Rouge”.  We selected the tango from this movie for our new season’s program.


VALENTIN: We hesitated a long time since this is a very well-known music and many skaters already taken it. But our coaches have supported us.


- Tell us about your plans. As far as I know you started the season as juniors and has already skated as seniors at the Russian Cup in Perm (note: The Russian Cup is a regional Russia’s competition) having won the bronze medal.


ANGELINA/VALENTIN: The plan was to perform as juniors and also as seniors. We specially choreographed two short dances for it. We wanted to try our strength. The main goal is to be selected for the Russian National Championships and to perform well there. Also we would like to be at the national team even as a substitute. We will try to perform well and improve in every way.


- Thank you for your answers. Good luck to your couple!


ANGELINA/VALENTIN: Thank you very much for the interview!

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