Ashley Wagner: “I will continue to improve my program”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Today our guest is the US National bronze medalist Ashley Wagner. She has kindly agreed to answer a few questions. She has shared with us the thoughts about a new season, the beginning of the Grand Prix and new in her life.

VLAD: Hi Ashley! What is your impression of the NHK Trophy which was the first Grand Prix event of this season?

ASHLEY: NHK Trophy was a rough competition for me, so I wasn’t completely satisfied with my skates. That being said, it is very early in the season and I’ll have more time to practice before Russia, so I’ll be more prepared.

- In your vision, which performances have you skated very well in the last season?

- I’m very pleased with my performances at the Nationals from last season. I was skating with my heart and I really feel like that shows.

- What was the most remarkable at the NHK Trophy this year?

- I was happy to get two programs out on the ice; it has been a very difficult off season for me, so being at NHK was a huge accomplishment.

- What is your opinion about the new participants of the Grand Prix series?

- It isn’t any different from the past couple of seasons, there is always someone new and if they can keep up with the rest of us then they earn my respect!

- As I understood you have added new choreographic elements in your short program. Is that so?

- We just changed a few things so that the program wasn’t exactly the same as it was last year.

- Could you tell us about your new free skate program?

- I love my new free program. I think the music is such a strong piece and I feel that it highlights my strengths as a skater. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve the program so that the audience can enjoy it as much as I do!

- Is there something that has changed in your skating life and your everyday life?

- I set more time aside for myself, and I try to balance skating and my life outside of skating. Once I leave the rink that chapter is closed for the day and I move on. It keeps me happy.

- Ashley, you have a personal video blog which is very nice and informative. Will you continue to update it?

- I’ve been so busy this season and I haven’t had much time to make any vlogs but when I find time I will update it!

- Thank you so much for the interview! Good luck at the Rostelecom Cup!

- Thank you!

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