Sofia Biryukova: “I skate with my soul”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov
Assistance: Anastasiya Myasoedova

Russia’s Sofia Biryukova, for which the Cup of Russia was the first serious test in the senior skating, looked very confident in this competition. 

She opened the competitions among the ladies and coped very well not only with the technical part of her program where she executed all scheduled at a fairly high level, but also her high level of artistry was a pleasant surprise to many experts. Following a short program she took fourth place. She is as confident and dignified performed her free program. 

Despite the fact that in the final standings she took sixth place, one can say with certainty that this young skater has a great potential. Sofia has graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

VLAD: Hello, Sofia! First of all I congratulate you on an excellent debut at the senior Grand Prix! Tell us about your impressions of this tournament?

SOFIA: Hello. Thanks! This tournament has left only positive emotions. To me it was pleasant that at us in Moscow passed competitions at such high level. And in general I liked to perform on starts of such level and to compete with such outstanding athletes.

- Tell some words about how did you start figure skating?

– I have come to figure skating thanks to the parents. Nearby to our house there is the “Moscvich” skating club (in which I train presently) and the father with mum have decided to show me this sport. But sending me there they did not even hoped for something serious.

- Despite the fact that this was your first tournament and the fact that you opened the short program, you looked very confident on the ice. How did you cope with the prestart excitement?

– Thanks to my trainers I have forgotten about it. There was no strong pressure on me and it was helpful too.

- In my opinion, you have perfectly coped with a musical interpretation. It is not easy enough because you have performed the short program under a very serious music from the opera “Tosca”. What is the secret of such artistry at such a young age?

– No secret there. I just like music that I skate. I skate not only with my body but with my soul too.

- You’re also skated very well the technical part of your program and after the short program got into the warm-up of the strongest. What’s it like to compete for the first time with such renowned rivals?

– I was pleased to perform with these athletes. They have much to teach you!

- Sofia, how was your transition from juniors to seniors?

– It was not very easy and good! There have been difficulties but I and my coach had done a lot of work. Now I have joined the senior’s atmosphere of competitions.

- The Russian national championships promises to be quite strong this year. Tell us about your goals.

– On each start my main goal is well executed programs. There will be a clear skating – there will be good points and places.

- How do you prefer to spend your free time?

– Always different. Sometimes I can just relax, lie down, sleep, read a book and listen to music. Sometimes I can actively spend time with my friends:)

- What else are you currently scheduled for this season?

– I have others maximum goals but during a season I think that they will be corrected.

- Sofia, thanks very much for the interview and good luck to you!

– Thank you!

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