The winner of Skate Canada is competing at the Sectional

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

The winner of the Skate Canada International 2010 Alissa Czisny at this weekend is competing at the Midwestern Sectional Championships in the Ann Arbor Ice Cube for the right to participate at the US National Championships in January. She needs to take one of the first four places.

According to the forecasts of different experts and past experience of participating in such competitions, for Alissa this should not become an obstacle. She has already shown in this season in what great shape she is. In Canada Alissa has demonstrated her new programs, which have left no one indifferent. She has great choreography and strong programs’ elements, and of course, she has her amazing sincerity on the ice. In addition to the foregoing, she has a great atmosphere in the team and this is without a doubt contributes to successful performance.

Alissa is one of those skaters who get great pleasure from their sport. Even despite the fact that the sport sometimes does not appreciate this. Her full integration with the music during performances can captivate any audience. I also would like to note her famous spins which many consider the best in the world.

Figure skating is a kind of sport in which is very difficult to achieve anything without the inspiration, the everyday work in trainings and really great love for this sport. Alissa has all these qualities.

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