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Flamenco and Tango: Understanding the differences between the two styles

by Vladislav Luchianov
Special thanks: Carmen Romero, Flora Krasnoshtein

I think the issue of differences Flamenco and Tango will be quite interesting not only to a wider audience but also to the professionals. Both of these styles are commonly used in ice skating, particularly ice dancing, but sometimes these styles seem to get confused with one another. Let’s try to sort out details in this thread. I am very grateful to the experts who agreed to help with their explanations on this topic. In the last article we gave a detailed account of the tango. Now it is the turn for flamenco, and what differentiates it from the tango.

Carmen Romero – the artistic director of Compañía Carmen Romero and The School of Flamenco Dance Arts based in Toronto, Canada.
Carmen has been involved in the art of flamenco since the age of eight. She has trained both in Canada and Spain, and performed and toured in three continents during her career.Recently Carmen worked with Colombian singer Shakira, assisting her with flamenco movement to help portray a gypsy in Shakira’s international World “Sun Comes Out” world tour that opened in Montreal on September 15, 2010. Carmen: “I continue to train, research, perform and teach. It is a way of life for me and it is how I understand the world around me.”:

“Flamenco is an art form that originated in Southern Spain as early as the 18th century, as a result of the migration of the multi-ethnic mix of gypsies from the Northern and Southern borders of Spain. These gypsies shared their cultures with one another and from this the art of Flamenco came to be in the form or song, dance and music. Now in the 21st Century, Flamenco has just been added to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) list of ‘Intangible’ elements of Cultural Heritage. This prestigious inclusion recognizes elements of living heritage in order to protect and encourage cultural diversity.

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