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Vladislav Luchianov: Figure skating as high-level art

As I promised to my friends, I publish an English version of my interview for our Republic’s edition Allfun.md, a part of the All Moldova media company.

The English version is made by an independent translator.

Interview by Anna Bogdanova

Translated by: Flora Krasnoshtein, Figure Skating Judge (Singles and Ice Dance) with Skate Canada, Central Ontario; and a medical writer with MedWrite Healthcare Communications

Probably many of us would be ready at moment’s notice to sit back and enjoy watching some magnificent pair on ice for hours, executing difficult elements to the music, which, in their own right, could be considered artistic – jumps, lifts, different combination of step sequences…It is impossible to get tired of a show like that! And it’s called – figure skating. This is the rare case where sport and art are in perfect harmony.

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