Alissa Czisny – Through The Continents

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Across the three continents, the audience enjoyed her exquisite skating filled with artistry and grace: North America at the Skate Canada, Europe at the Trophée Eric Bompard and Asia at the Grand Prix Final in Beijing.

It is true that the real beauty knows no boundaries. Through every movement on the ice, she gives everyone a wonderful sense of harmony. Each of her performance remains in our memory. The grace of her movements is worthy the grandest theatres.

Her ability to feel every note of music is just amazing. Figure skating is a sport, but figure skating of the Grand Prix Champion Alissa Czisny is also the form of art.

Vlad: Alissa, you performed in all possible for you Grand Prix events this season: from Skate Canada and Trophée Eric Bompard to the Final in Beijing where you’ve won. Please, tell about your impressions, especially about your wonderful victory at the Grand Prix Final. What was the most pleasant and remembered to you?

Alissa: I was very busy this season, with the two Grand Prix competitions, the qualifying competition for the US Nationals, and the Grand Prix Final, all within seven weeks. As always, I love competing in Canada, and to win my first Grand Prix competition in five years there in Canada was special. Also, it was my first competition with my new coaches, Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen, so I will always have special memories of that competition.
Competing in Paris for the first time was also a memorable experience, but I must say that the competition in China, the Grand Prix Final, will be one of my favorite memories! I was so excited to skate two good programs, and was thrilled and honored to win the competition!

- In your performances your magnificent artistry begins from the first second and proceeds to the final chord. It is visible that you feel the music and completely plunge into it. I think it’s a natural gift combined with daily hard trainings. And what do you think, is it possible to teach to feel the music as deeply as you feel it?

– Thank you! To get that sort of artistry comes both from hard work and also from the heart. For me, I put my heart into my skating, and I think that shows in the artistry. That’s something that can’t be taught, although it may be learned with enough will and effort.

- Let’s talk a little about your fantastic spins. I’m sure that many young skaters would like to execute this element at the same high level. Can you give them an advice?

– I believe that my spins are good now because I worked so hard on them when I was young. My twin sister and I used to spend many hours working on spins, trying to invent creative spins or trying to see which one of us could spin the fastest or longest. Spending so much time on spinning made me very comfortable doing spins and that has led to my ability to spin well!

- Have you ever thought about the future career (someday in the distant future) as a choreographer or a coach? After all you have just invaluable experience.

– I have done some coaching already, which I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope to do more coaching in the future! I would love to pass along my knowledge and experience to future generations.

- As far as I know thanks to the Grand Prix you have been in Paris for the first time. Did you like this city?

– Yes, this was my first time in Paris! I greatly enjoyed the city, as I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. Unfortunately, I was not able to do much sightseeing, but I will come back one day to see more of the city!!

- Alissa, you study French and Russian. Both of them are not simple. Do you enjoy studying?

– Yes, I enjoy studying languages, although I am not in school at the moment. I have always wanted to learn other languages, and I hope to continue studying (and using) other languages.

- Your next goal is the U.S. Nationals. Am I right?

– Yes, my next competition is the US Nationals, which will take place at the end of January. That gives me a few weeks to work very hard to improve my performances!

- And except the Nationals, do you plan to perform in some ice shows anytime soon?

– I have just finished performing in a few ice shows this week, but now I plan to spend my time working hard and preparing for the US Nationals next!

- Thank you very much and good luck at the Nationals!

– Thank you too!

Alissa Czisny – Through The Continents, skating montage 

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