Holiday Message to Skaters

Dear skaters, 

First of all I congratulate all of you on the Holiday Season! 

I sincerely wish you good health, beautiful new performances and good luck in everything in your life! Every year you give us unforgettable moments of happiness through your skating performances. I am sure that every skater has its fans which are very thankful for the beauty that you bring to our world. Through my journalistic work with the skating site I know that this is so.

I am also sure that your supporters told (wrote) to you many times their words of sincere gratitude. Everyone of your fans expresses their appreciation in different ways. But any of these ways are always mean the sincere support. They are supporting you in different times: during all ups and downs. No matter their amount – thousands people, one hundred or just one. The main thing is their constant support.

Now came the Holidays. I am sure that you have received many congratulations from them. Also, I’m sure that your constant supporters have received or will receive your congratulations too. Believe me, it means a lot to them. It would be a very nice gesture on your part. Thank you!

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Always yours,
Vladislav Luchianov
World Figure Skating editor

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