Meryl Davis & Charlie White: “We always hope to let the audience feel our energy and passion”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov
Photo: Liz Chastney

As a New Year gift, I want to present to you my interview with the U.S. National Champions, Vancouver Olympics Silver medalists, Turin World Championships Silver medalists and the repeated Grand Prix Champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

- Hi Meryl and Charlie! First I would like to congratulate you on your Grand Prix Final victory! What are your impressions of these past competitions? What did you like the most this season there?

Meryl/Charlie: Hi Vlad! Thanks so much! Charlie and I can’t believe we’re already through the first part of the season; it’s been such a whirlwind! Overall, this season hasn’t been the easiest we’ve had. Coming off the Olympic Games and all that followed, we found getting ready for the 2010/2011 season to be quite a challenge.

In addition to a substantially decreased amount of prep-time, we’ve really been looking to focus on taking our skating to a new level, which posed additional challenges. Despite a slow start, we are feeling great! Going into the U.S. National Championships, we’re feeling strong and more excited about our skating than ever. I think the most exciting thing about the season thus far, has been challenging ourselves and working hard to make strides in our skating.

- And what are your thoughts about the new ice dancing couples?

Meryl/Charlie: Having met with several of the newer teams on the senior circuit, we have seen so much of the up and coming talent in the ice-dance world. Ice-dance has been such an evolving sport, especially the last few seasons. The incredible promise of these young teams is something I think the athletes, officials, and fans can be very excited about.

- This season you have new programs and they are very creative, passionate and look just wonderful. The same I can say about your past season’s programs. How do you keep so fantastic energy?

Meryl/Charlie: Thank you for your compliments! We strive to grow as athletes and performers, and we try to make the most out of every year as it pertains to that competitive season as well as our career as a whole. This year, as in the past, we are trying to become the best ice-dancers we can be.

By challenging ourselves with our programs this year, we feel we are learning so much and making continued progress. Still, we always hope to bring all of ourselves to the ice, and let the audience feel our energy and passion.

- During your performances at the Grand Prix Final a famous Russia’s coach Tatiana Tarasova, which commented these events on the Russian TV, said about your couple: “I was in Canton. I saw their trainings. I’m impressed! They work on the ice from early morning to late evening. They work very hard; repeat their programs thousands times and after that they still have a big desire to continue working on this day. That’s why they are the best!”. Could you comment her words?

Meryl/Charlie: We are honored by Ms. Tarasova’s words. Yes, she visited our training center a few months ago and worked with one of the Russian teams. It was a pleasure to have her visit our facility, as we have much respect for her knowledge of Figure Skating as well as her impressive list of accomplishments.

- In my recent interview the Olympic Champion of Turin 2006 Tatiana Navka said that she don’t like the ISU decision about removing the compulsory dance. And what is your opinion about this change in ice dancing rules?

Meryl/Charlie: Certainly, opinions continue to vary on the Short Dance. While this very new event is still a work in progress, we are pleased with the direction the ISU is taking. We agree that the removal or the Compulsory dance as its own event is a step in the right direction towards the evolution of ice-dance. The short dances this season have been more of a success than I think most had anticipated.

Still, we realize that the concept is very new and will continue to improve. Originality, for example, is a quality we find difficult to achieve within the constraints and time limits of this new Short Dance. It is addressing issues like this that I think will take this concept in the right direction over the next several seasons.

- Could you announce for our readers your upcoming ice show performances?

Meryl/Charlie: We will be performing in the Detroit Skating Club’s Champions Ice Revue in Bloomfield Hills, MI on January 8th. Other than that, we will be focusing on competition until the end of the season. We have really enjoyed being able to perform a lot in the last year, both domestically and internationally. After the World Championships in Tokyo, we will have the opportunity to enjoy some time doing more shows.

- Meryl, Charlie thank you very much for the interview! Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!

Meryl/Charlie: Thank you very much! Happy Holidays!

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