Alissa Czisny – Rebirth

By Vladislav Luchianov
Photo: Getty Images

She did it! She did it again! And she did it just perfectly! Alissa Czisny is the two-time U.S. National Champion. I am delighted with her excellent performances. It was a great evening in the modern American figure skating history. Today I want to give the floor to some of her supporters, so you can imagine how she has inspired many people. It is only a small part of reviews of Alissa’s victory.

Hugo Chouinard: ”A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”

Grant Noroyan: “The style and emotion and artistry are amazing and she skates so beautifully………It is a great moment for the U.S Figure Skating! I was crying with happiness!”

Peter Murray: ”I still have tears in my eyes over Alissa’s total and complete and stunning Victory. What a season this has been for her!”


Lauren Waksman: “Both of your performances were absolutely breathtaking. your free skate brought me to tears, and it takes a lot from a performance to make me cry. It was possibly the best performance I’ve ever seen from anyone. you made an amazing comeback after a not so great season last year. But forget about that, because you SO de…serve the glory and I’m extremely happy for you. Best of luck at Worlds and in everything!”

Vivien Phifer Zhang: “That was the most amazing performance ever! Congratulations on the win! Your performance was so beautiful; it brought me to tears. Keep it up! “

Shana Alexandra Nelson: “Outstanding skating tonight!! Totally deserved win!!! Way to go champ, Alissa!!!”

Jean Stanberry: “All I can say is wow! You were wonderful. Congratulations!!!”

Shannon Grinaway: “Soooo happy for you, Alissa! Congrats on your second National title – just a beautiful, beautiful skate! Nobody matches your artistry and those glorious spins. Best of luck at Worlds!”

Britannia Willow: “I’ll always cross my fingers for you, Alissa, even though I cannot watch your performances here!”

Antoinette Aubert: “Stunning! You are absolutly stunning that was a beautiful program you brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!! Have a great time at Worlds!”

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