Canadian Record Holder

Patrick Chan has set a new personal best on the last weekend at the Canadian figure skating championships. In total, already four-time Canadian National champion scored 285.85 points. But this victory is remarkable not only in that. Contrary to the innermost desires of the critics he executed two clear quads in his free skate program.

However, and by other criteria his skating considerably surpassed in level of his contenders. Despite his traditional error in execution of a triple axel in the short program, all other elements, including step sequences, spirals and spins wholly compensated this disadvantage.

Also, the level of choreography of Patrick’s programs has very considerably improved. In his skating it was not felt any imbalance. Patrick accurately knew what, when and how he should act.

He has been extremely collected on an extent both short and free skate program. Notable that internal concentration didn’t influence to visual perception of his performances. The interesting fact is that the figure skater could not risk, adding the second quad to the free skate program. His advantage after the short allowed it.

But it is represented to me that for the Canadian figure skater it was not simply performances at the National championships. It was one of the main dress rehearsals of future World championships in Tokyo.

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