From Bern to Greensboro

by Vladislav Luchianov

While the European skaters have more to fight the cold rather than with each other, on the American continent in the fight for the medals of the National Championships after the juniors have entered senior skaters. At the heated arena in Greensboro (despite the new “trend” of ISU) completed the short program in ladies event last night.

As expected, in this event started a real battle for the medals and two spots for the World Championships. And lead this fight the girls who already held the National title in different years – Mirai Nagasu (2008), Alissa Czisny (2009) and Rachael Flatt (2010).

Mirai Nagasu performed her short with usual high speed. Performing a combination of triple Lutz-double toe combination, she continued this part with a triple flip and double Axel. Her spins have been executed on the fourth level. Her result is 63.35 points.

Alissa Czisny, the winner of the Grand Prix, also did not disappoint the expectations of her fans. She executed cleanly landed jumps, magnificent spins and Alissa’s patented flowing elegance. Her result is 62.50 points.

Rachael Flatt and her coach decided (after the Grand Prix Final) to change the current short program at last seasons’. As demonstrated by yesterday’s performance this decision was correct. She skated very well her program where she hit a triple flip, double toe combination and crisp triple Lutz. Her result is 62.32 points.

The density of the results in short programs only adds intrigue to the US Nationals. All three ladies are different in style but equally strong in character. No doubts that in a free skate the battle of the champions will continue with renewed vigor.

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