Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov: “These competitions will be hot!”

Russian pair is ready to revanche

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov
Photo: courtesy of Ksenia Stolbova

Tomorrow in the Korean Gangneung City begins the World Junior Figure Skating Championships. I managed to talk with one of the main contenders for the world title, the Russian pair skating team Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov. They just arrived from the airport to the hotel and have kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

- You’ve just arrived in Gangneung City . What can you tell about the conditions there?

– Everything is fine! Just our travel from the airport took a long time. Our hotel is great and there is our favorite weather – a light frost with a small blizzard. We can’t tell something about the ice rink because we have not been there yet.

- What about your trainings for the Worlds and on which moments did you concentrate the most?

– We didn’t concentrate on something concrete. We have tried to refresh and improve both our programs.

- What do you think about your main rivals in general and about the pair Narumi Takahashi/Mervin Tran in particular?

– It is difficult to say anything at the moment. The situation will become clear only after the beginning of competitions.

- In your opinion, how much more will be the heat of struggle at the World Junior Championships in contrast to the Junior Grand Prix series?

– At the Grand Prix we were relaxed when we learned that a Japanese team will perform at the senior Grand Prix too. Here in Korea, we are adjusted absolutely on another way. Briefly – these competitions will be hot!

- In general, what is better to your pair – to go out on the ice with the rank of potential contenders for the gold or vice versa?

– Well, we think that better when everyone is convinced that a favorite is someone else. This stimulates to prove otherwise.

- How do you usually focus before the main start?

– Always in different ways. The most important thing is to go out on the ice rink and skate your best!

- Thank you for the interview and good luck to your pair!

– Thank you too!

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