Miki Ando leads after the Short in Taipei

Ladies took the ice today at the Four Continents Championships in Taipei. Miki Ando performed her short program very well, executed all the elements clear and demonstrated a very high level of artistry. Actually it was very glad to see that Miki finally is in her normal conditions. I would like to remind that during the Grand Prix she skated in events with injured back. SP score: 66.58

Mao Asada looks better and better from one competition to another. She tried again to execute her triple axel but failed to do it. Someone can say: “She should try some another jump which is simpler!” But it is unacceptable for this Japan’s lady. She is a fighter and will continue to try to perform her best. SP score: 63.41

Rachael Flatt took the ice with her confidence earned at the US Nationals. She skated very well, performed with inspiration, looked relaxed. But there were some errors on elements. SP score: 62.23

As you see, Japan’s ladies are getting ready to take the highest places.

Mirai Nagasu, which is 4th, skated as usual on her high speed. I think she underotated one of her jumps but actually performed the short program very well. Just maybe it wasn’t executed with great inspiration.

Unfortunately, the US National Champion Alissa Czisny failed to execute her jumps’ combination at the beginning and she is currently 5th. But I think she deserved more points with her steps sequences, spins and presentation in general.

Also, I’d like to note a performance by Australian Cheltzie Lee. She isn’t in the top group of skaters, but this girl has a big potential.

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