Oleg Vasiliev: "I am tired of this marsh"

Oleg Vasiliev

Interview by Inessa Rasskazova
Photo: peoples.ru

Jerome Blanchard, Maria Mukhortova and their coach Oleg Vasiliev are going to meet once again. But the probability of that cooperation will be continued close to zero. According to Oleg Vasiliev, Blanchard will return to ice shows or will be engaged in family business. The destiny of Mukhortova is foggy: «Maria has two variants: to search the new partner or to leave competitive skating».

- Mr. Vasiliev, does Mukhortova leaves the elite list of the Russian figure skaters?

– If Maria decides to search for the partner, I am ready to help her with searches and advise. If she leaves in show to earn money, I can advise something in program’s creation. But the key role will be played by the agent who will be engaged in search of offers and to contracts. The same concerns Blanchard.

- Will you remain as her coach if she will search for the new partner?

– It will depend in a larger measure of Maria’s decision. I though from mine too. Now I do not know what to tell you. I have specially left in Chicago. I want to look at things from apart. I want to listen to myself. I am not assured that in general I want to work as coach in a big sport. I am tired of this marsh. I am tired of intrigues, petty intrigues. I love very much figure skating, but I don’t like that occur “around” and “nearby”.

- Whether is a financial side the main reason of disintegration of the team Mukhortova/Blanchard?

– Approximately for 70–80 percent. Also, there are other reasons. It was clear already for a long time ago, that such support won’t be. But at least encouragement was very important. The pair which is not necessary to own skating federation never will win anything essential.

To all it is clear that judges’ points at the European and World Championships depend not only of how the elements are made, but also of a number of the pair in the National Team. Also, it depends what the National Federation thinks of this pair.

It is possible to win only by good skating, without moral and political support. It is very hard but it is possible. Theoretically. But practically at today’s high level in a pair figure skating it is necessary to be on two heads above the others. It is from a fantasy area.

- Perhaps someone from you hasn’t sustained psychologically?

– After the New Year we have gathered all team – figure skaters, me, sponsors, the PR manager. Maria has expressed her opinion for continuing to work very actively. Sponsors, who participated in our conversation, expressed desire to help too, in spite of the fact that I have shown to them what an expenditure are coming.

But one and a half-two week ago I have noticed that Jerome has somehow drooped. I cannot tell as if he didn’t want. But he hasn’t the fire in the eyes.

- What are you going to do if you will go from figure skating?

– I love figure skating. From me will not turn out in any way a taxi driver in New York, nor the loader in Chicago. Last years I have received many offers, the concerning various projects anyhow bound to figure skating. I will go to Asia, to California, to Florida. Then again I will return to Chicago, then – to native Petersburg.

I will try to understand in what condition there are all these projects, how much they are actual and then I will make a decision. What it will be – I will repeat, I don’t know yet.

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