USA vs Japan in Taipei

By Vladislav Luchianov

First of all I want to express my feelings of solidarity with American people on these days’ anniversary. These days are the days of remembrance Team USA 1961. And this tragedy will be always remembered in many countries around the world.

ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta wants to create a new kind of figure skating – competitions among the skating teams. Well, I think, at the Four Continents Championships he will be able to see that such competition is practically already exists. Yes, it can be a big surprise. On Saturday in Taipei will start the ladies event. Despite the fact that I respect and appreciate all the participants of this competition, I think that it is between American and Japanese figure skaters will unfold the fight for the medals.

Team USA will represent the national champion Alissa Czisny, silver medalist Rachael Flatt and the bronze Mirai Nagasu.

Japanese team will also represent very eminent athletes: Mao Asada (World Champion), Miki Ando (Japan national champion), Akiko Suzuki (fourth place at the Japanese nationals).

All these girls are unique in their style of skating. All of them had different times, ups and downs. All of them have very strong characters which enable them to overcome the most unimaginable difficulties.

I’m sure they will try to demonstrate their best skating. I don’t think that among the US skaters will be some continuation of the struggle which was at the Nationals. National championships still has a greater value for all American athletes and its results are known.

But this doesn’t mean that in Taipei someone will skate at half of potential. This year, there had gathered a lot of the strong athletes and the fight promises to be serious. By the way, after a long time we will see again many top skaters competing at the Four Continents Championships. This fact rejoices everyone.

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