Don’t forget to say Thank You

By Vladislav Luchianov

Figure skating is a great sport which gives us many wonderful emotions. We are happy when our favorites skate their best programs. We always look forward to their new appearance on the ice. But not all fans know that their support of the favorites can be very useful not only on the stands.

Figure skaters train every day for many hours and the time of their performance continues just a few minutes. In many respects they perform for us. I think that they deserve support of the fans not only during the moments of performances. Ask yourself the following question: “How often do you thank your favorites?” I don’t mean applause on stands during the competitions. I mean the word “thank you” told directly or written in electronic form. I think that it is an important thing.

It even more actual when your figure skaters have not easy times. Very often happens that we admire someone on peak of the glory and practically forget about him or her when something goes not so good. I think that it is wrong. Moreover, I know that this support, during various times, is important.

Practically all athletes have any contact information: website, Facebook, Twitter or something else. I’m sure that writing words of support or gratitude won’t take away from you a lot of time, and your favorite will receive positive emotions which perhaps he/she needs now. It is not true when some fans think that nobody reads such messages. No, they read them!

Just imagine that each skater will have such support constantly. I’m sure that in that case an athlete will receive an additional inspiration for the trainings and performances.

It is very important that these words of gratitude were sincere, instead of just formal. Sincerity always is felt, without dependence from a kind of its display.

So let’s love, appreciate and respect those who bring in our life so much beautiful things.

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