“Megasport” arena will be ready on time

By Vladislav Luchianov

Russia has applied to host the world figure skating championships, which were canceled in Tokyo after the recent earthquake and tsunami. Russia hosted the 2005 figure skating worlds at the Luzhniki sports complex in central Moscow. But according to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the Russian skating federation officials said that the most likely venue for the championships would be the newer Megasport arena.

Megasport CEO Michael Zagainov told about the readiness of this arena.

When did you know that your ice rink is seen as an arena for the World Championships?

From the first day when it became clear that Japan can’t hold these Worlds. Officials of the figure skating federation of Russia immediately contacted with us.

What are the dates were discussed?

We discussed several options. The first is the end of April. We just can’t do it earlier because we will hold the Federation Cup match of tennis at the April 16-17 between Russia and Italy. But we now begin to prepare the sports complex for these skating events. 

How much time will be spent for the full preparation of arena?

We will have to remove the tennis court, parquet floors and some other things. This work will begin on April 17, immediately after the Federation Cup. I think that on April 19 we will be ready to allow broadcasters to install their equipment.

You said that there is a possibility to host championships in other dates.

The backup date is the second half of May, from 15 to 18, immediately after the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia. We can’t hold it in the same time with hockey because of television broadcasts.

When we will know the final decision?

The ISU has our official application. About a couple of days will be spent on consultations and decision making. We’d really like to know the decision as quickly as possible. After all, we should start an advertising campaign; working with hotels and city services.

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