Russian ladies dominate in Korea

Adelina Sotnikova led a one-two finish of the Russian Ladies in the Short Program ahead of Elizaveta Tuktamisheva. Christina Gao (USA) came third.

News source: ISU

Sotnikova’s program to Waltzes by Johann Strauss featured triple loop, double Axel, excellent level-four spins and only the back end of her triple Lutz-triple toeloop combination was underrotated. The Junior Grand Prix Final Champion scored 59.51 points.

“My skating was today was good, but at the same time it was not so good. Hopefully tomorrow I can do everything tomorrow and everything a 100 percent”, the 14-year-old said. “All girls at Junior Worlds are strong and are trying triple-triple combinations. This is good because is makes it more competitive”, she added.

Skating to “Harem” by R.E.G. Project, Tuktamisheva nailed a triple Lutz-triple toe combo, the triple loop and an easy looking double Axel. The 14-year-old picked up a level four for one spin and a level three for the other two spins to post a new seasons best of 58.60 points.

“I am very pleased with my performance today. I tried not to think that this is the (Junior) World Championships, but just an ordinary competition, and as a result, I skated well. I hope that tomorrow everything will be even better”, the current Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalist commented.

World Junior Championships – Adelina Sotnikova, short program

World Junior Championships – Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, short program

Gao completed a triple flip-triple toe combination, triple loop and two-level four spins in her program to Felix Mendelsson’s Violin Concerto in E Minor, but the double Axel was wobbly. The 16-year-old collcected 56.80 points. “I am very happy with how I skated today, especially because last year at Junior Worlds my short program was not my best. I am happy that I could come here and do what I prepared. I’m excited for tomorrow as well”, Gao told the press.

Polina Shelepen completed a strong showing of the Russian Ladies by placing fourth at 56.58 points. She landed a triple Lutz-triple toeloop combination as well. 2010 World Junior silver medalist Agnes Zawadzki (USA) is ranked fifth (53.17 points) and Miyabi Oba (JPN) rounds up the top six with 51.82 points.

Ksenia Monko/Kirill Khaliavin dance off with the Junior World title

Ksenia Monko/Kirill Khaliavin of Russia danced off with the Junior World title. Ekaterina Pushkash/ Jonathan Guerreiro, also from Russia captured the silver medal and Charlotte Lichtman/Dean Copely (USA) earned the bronze medal.

Monko/Khaliavin performed an expressive Flamenco to the “Frida” soundtrack with intricate footwork that was graded a level three. However, the twizzles were only a level two as Monko lost hold of her skate. The defending bronze medalists scored 83.54 points and totaled 144.16 overall.

“We are just incredibly happy to have won tonight. We would have liked to win last year, but it didn’t happen, maybe we were not ready for it. But now we did it. We’ve worked for that the whole season and finally it happened”, Khaliavin said. “Our free dance wasn’t the best today obviously. We had a problem with the twizzles and with the last lift and they were only a level two.I think the levels we got and our score were objective”, he continued.

Pushkash/Guerreiro showed off interesting lifts and beautiful lines in their dance to “Scorchio” by Bond, but their step sequences garnered only a level two and they were ranked third in the Free Dance with 78.88 points. Overall they remained in second place at 134.64 points.

Lichtman/Copely’s “Beetlejuice” program featured level-four lifts and they had a level three for the twizzles and the circular step sequence. The U.S. Junior Champions were awarded a seasons best score of 78.08 points which added up to 133.36 points overall.

The top three couples will all move up to the senior level next season.

Tiffany Zahorski/Alexis Miart (FRA) moved up from 9th to 4th with the second-best Free Dance of the night (128.16 points). Nikola Visnova/Lukas Csolley (SVK) finished fifth at 126.07 points.

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