Skaters tell their opinions about the World Championships

By Vladislav Luchianov

I have asked skaters to tell their thoughts about the situation with the World Championships. Yesterday, in an interview with, ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta said: “You cannot always listen to what the skaters want. These are exceptional circumstances. Some of the skaters are even minors.” Well, here are opinions from not “minor” skaters.

Alissa Czisny (U.S. National Champion 2011, Grand Prix Final Champion 2010):

“My dearest wish, with all due respect to the Japanese, is that they will hold worlds elsewhere. I can’t fathom what the Japanese people are going through right now, and my thoughts and prayers are continually with them.

I was sincerely looking forward to competing in Tokyo, and I hope that they will be awarded another event as soon as they are ready to host another event.

But, for all of us skaters, we have worked so hard for this event. Skating is our livelihood, our career, and so I wish that the world championships will be able to be held elsewhere in the near future.”

Nathalie Pechalat (European Ice Dance Champion 2011):

“Of course, it could be the best thing to do: having the world championships somewhere else, and give the money to Japan as a solidarity gesture. I totally agree. This could be a perfect compromise for everyone.”

Tatiana Volosozhar (Russia’s Pair Skating Champion 2010):

“I certainly support the idea that world championships should be held at any time before the beginning of summer holidays, but not in October. It seems to me as not entirely rational.

It can lead to some chaos in a system of figure skating. What to do with Grand Prix series? What to do with old and new programs? I just can imagine how it could be difficult to ice dancers.

They will need to train and skate both short dances, old and new. I hope that the world championships will take place in April or May, but not in October!”

Dmitri Soloviev (European Ice Dance Silver Medalist 2011):

“Of course, this is a terrible tragedy for Japan. All our thoughts are with people of this country.

As for us, skaters, the postponement of championships to a such later date is inconvenient as in April and May begins our preparation for the new season and creation of new programs. On the other hand, we do not want to miss the world championships.”

Alena Leonova (Russia’s Silver Medalist 2010):

“I have thought about all versions of the world championship’s holding. I certainly prefer the idea of moving championships to another country for April. October is the beginning of the season and most athletes will just begin to achieve their sporting shape.

Worlds in October will require athletes to be in a very good shape throughout all the subsequent events and it is very difficult. So I’m hoping for April.”

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