Moscow prepares special tickets for the World Championships

Spectators who will visit the world figure skating championships in Moscow can stay at the sports arena “Megasport” with just one ticket for the whole day, said the president of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia Alexander Gorshkov.

“The schedule is unusual,” said Gorshkov. “We decided that the tickets will be valid for an entire day of competitions.”

Short and free skate programs in men’s and ladies’ skating will take place during the daytime. After performances of singles, the audience with the same ticket will have an opportunity to remain for the competitions which will take place at the evening.

“The competition of singles will be held in the afternoon. We will do it specially for the Japan’s television viewers. They will be able to watch these competitions in prime time.” said Gorshkov.

According to Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Yuri Nagornykh, the exact date of the tickets sale and their prices are not defined yet.

“I can promise that the tickets will be accessible. There are different price categories. A certain amount of tickets will be allocated for students of ordinary schools and special schools of figure skating. We also expect that Moscow will visit around 5000 foreign guests.” said Nagornykh to the agency P -Sports.

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