Rachael Flatt: “I am in a great spot mentally and physically right now”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

The U.S. silver medalist 2011 Rachael Flatt already has shown in this season that she is a strong-willed person.

After a not very successful Grand Prix Final, she changed not only her short program but she took the ice at the U.S. Nationals in Greensboro very inspired, very concentrated and very motivated.

As a result, she joins the American national team and is currently preparing for the world championships.

Hi Rachael and thank you for accepting my interview offer! Let’s start with talking about your trainings and preparation for the world championships.

Rachael Flatt: My preparations have been going really well so far! I am very excited to compete once more this season. I am glad that we have been given the chance to compete again this season given the circumstances.

As all of us know, there was a delay with Worlds. Has it somehow affected your preparation?

R. Flatt: It was a difficult situation, but it was definitely a learning experience in flexibility. I ended up breaking in new skates to force a low in my training, but I am in a great spot mentally and physically right now.

You’ve changed your short program before the U.S. Nationals. It was a risky step but at the same time it was a very effective decision after which you skated with new inspiration. What will be as an inspirational factor for the world championships?

R. Flatt: I am certainly inspired to skate for those who lost their lives in Japan. I think several skaters will be dedicating their performances at Worlds this year, so it will be very emotional for everyone.

Are there any new changes in your programs?

R. Flatt: Lori Nichol (my choreographer) re-choreographed the middle section of my long, but everything else is the same.

What are your main expectations from world championships in Moscow?

R.Flatt: Worlds will be an interesting experience as none of us have been through a situation like this before. I think it will be a great competition regardless despite not knowing exactly what to expect.

And what do you think about new ladies which appeared this season at the international competitions?

R. Flatt: After the Olympic season, there is always a fresh crop of skaters, so it’s fun and exciting to see the new elements that are being brought to the table.

You love reading and did a lot of charity activity in this sphere. Are you still engaged in it?

R. Flatt: I am still working to promote literacy since it is essential to a solid education. I continue to tutor several students, so I am staying involved in academics despite taking a year off from school.

Rachael, you are a student of the Stanford University which is one of the most famous in the United States and worldwide. Could you tell a few about it for our international audience?

R. Flatt: I am incredibly excited to begin school this fall. I was hoping to attend Admit Weekend at Stanford this spring since I missed it last year, but Worlds was rescheduled during that week. But, I cannot wait to start a new chapter of my life in September.

What are your plans for the near future?

R. Flatt: I am taking a vacation immediately following Worlds, doing a few shows this summer, and moving out to California. It will be a very busy, but exciting few months.

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