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Charlottetown to host 2012 Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships

Press release by Skate Canada

Skate Canada announced that Charlottetown, P.E.I., will host the 2012 Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships. The event will take place from April 6-8, 2012, at the CARI Complex — MacLauchlan Arenas.

The announcement comes as Canadian skating delegates prepare to arrive in Charlottetown this week for the Skate Canada 2011 Annual Convention and General Meeting (ACGM) and 2011 National Coaches’ Conference (NCC) taking place from May 24-29, 2011.

“Once again, we are thrilled to be returning to Charlottetown for another skating event. This one is unique from our other national events, as it brings everyone from adult skaters to singles skaters to synchronized skaters all into a competitive atmosphere where national titles are on the line,” said William Thompson, Skate Canada CEO. “It also enhances one of our keys messages: that skating is for life. We take pride in the large number of adults who participate in our programs and encourage this active lifestyle for all Canadians.”

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