Evgeni Plushenko: “I want to become a legend of figure skating”

A sensitive defeat at the 2010 Olympics, disqualification, commercial projects and a kaleidoscope of star’s life did not destroyed sports passion of Evgeni Plushenko. In an interview with Moskovskie Novosti, 28-year-old skater told about his current preparation for the upcoming season.

- At what stage is the issue of your comeback to the sport related directly with the ISU decision?

Evgeni Plushenko: I think the International Skating Union will allow me to compete. Behind the scenes the problem is solved and all questions are closed. As far as I know, in July will be made the official decision.

- Did you meet ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta during the World championships in Moscow?

– Yes, I did. We met in Moscow and in Milan earlier. As I understand from our conversations there is no obstacle to my return.

- Have you already decided who will choreograph your new programs?

– Well, I have worked with Alexander Zhulin. Also, I have another new choreographer. It’s a young dance teacher. With her we have prepared my new exhibition program.

- Can you tell something about your new ideas?

– At the moment I can’t tell you about the details. We will prepare new programs now. Then we will train and correct them. Also, I have refused to participate in some ice shows in China and Japan because I want to concentrate on preparing for the new season.

- What about your old injuries?

– Now everything is very good. I thank the German and our doctors for their professionalism. I still have some little injuries but the same problems have every skater.

- How does your wife Yana Rudkovskaya reacted to the fact that you will compete again in a big sport?

– Jana welcomed my decisions and she will be with me in all competitions.

- You have all possible titles in figure skating. Would you like to finish your career becoming surely the first?

– Of course, I would like to do it. Also, I want to become a legend of figure skating which took the podium at four Olympic Games.

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