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Grand Prix Series 2011/2012

Press Release by International Skating Union

The ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series 2011/2012 will see the World’s top skaters competing in the six Grand Prix events for the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

One Flew Over the Officials’ Nest

By Vladislav Luchianov

I specially picked the title of this article which is consonant with the famous novel by Ken Kesey One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. His book continues to be relevant in our time too. I think it will remain so for a very long time. The Combine continues its work in all sectors and all countries, including such a beautiful sport like figure skating.

Skating On Air: Book Signing

By Vladislav Luchianov

You probably heard about the appearance of a new book in the world of figure skating. If not yet, I suggest you to read my interview with Kelli Lawrence, the author of Skating on Air: The Broadcast History of an Olympic Marquee Sport.

Elizaveta Tuktamisheva will compete for the senior Grand Prix Final

Alexei Mishin, the coach of the 2011 World Junior Silver medalist Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, said that his student will compete for the 2011/2012 senior Grand Prix Final.

“We will do everything possible that organizers provided to her an opportunity to participate in two Grand Prix events at the upcoming season. Also, we will strive to ensure that she qualified for the Grand Prix Final and will hope for her successful performances.” said Mishin to RIA Novosti.

Training with Alexei Yagudin

By Vladislav Luchianov
Special thanks to the VoltZaryadka project for providing the photos

Are you ready to train with Alexei Yagudin? Perhaps you have a question: “What is he talking about?” If so, you should first read the article about the project in which participates the Olympic champion. Promoting healthy lifestyle is an important thing, especially when the face of the project is a person who is a role model for thousands of people around the world.

Below you can see a set of exercises performed by Alexei. Also, there are descriptions of them and video of all exercises (there are some additional also). Skaters have their own trainings, so these exercises will be more useful for their fans. I hope that you don’t want to lag behind in physical form from your favorites:-)

Just 30 minutes in a day can help to feel yourself healthier. OK, let’s begin!

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