Sofia Biryukova – Everything just starts

By Vladislav Luchianov

Today is the birthday of one of the most artistic skaters of Russia Sofia Biryukova. She is only 17, but last season, which was her first at the senior’s level, Sofia showed that she is fully able to compete with the more renowned rivals.

Sofia can execute perfectly all the elements and cascades of jumps. Her spirals and spins are all of the fourth level of difficulty. All this technical arsenal very well combines with her innate artistry. She just feels the music with every cell of her body. To see this, you can just watch Tosca in her performance at last year’s Cup of Russia. Musical theme of this famous opera has been completely expressed. Many skating experts say that it’s not easy to perform Puccini’s music on the ice.

Sofia finished 6th at the last season’s Cup of Russia. The same results were at the Russian Nationals and at the Cup of Nice. This year in the Grand Prix series she will again compete at the Cup of Russia.

It should be noted that Sofia rather modestly speaks about her own talents. Some people take it for a small uncertainty. But this is an incorrect opinion. She loves to create on the ice and truly creative people tend to downplay their abilities and capacities. Yes, she is very worried about each of her performance. But when her skate touches the ice in any competition, she completely immerses in the process of creation. I am sure that for Sofia everything just starts in her skating career.

Sofia Biryukova – Tosca, Cup of Russia 2010

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