Thank You, America!

Why I’m so grateful to The United States

By Vladislav Luchianov

In the autumn will be two years since the establishment of the World Figure Skating project. I can’t evaluate the level of its success but recently one American writer said that the project is successful. I have always been quite critical of my articles, but there is one thing that just must be noted. This is something that from the very beginning of my blog my first readers were (and are) the U.S. representatives.

Of course, I am very grateful to all the readers from around the world. After America, my blog was read by representatives of different countries and I always appreciate it. But the first country which recognized my blog was the United States. That is the American figure skaters were the first (along with the Estonian figure skater Elena Glebova), who agreed without hesitation to do the interviews when I was practically unknown. This applies to both junior and world-famous U.S. skaters. For me it was a very pleasant shock. With the development of the blog, I met with many friends and colleagues of similar projects in the United States.

I was very impressed with the level of respect, cooperation and support provided to me by various Americans. Besides, when I had to have some information for my articles, various online and print editions gladly responded to me and provided what I was looking for. Journalists of such famous editions as The New York Times, The Denver Post, USA Today and others always respond to my e-mail letters and they do it with interest and sincere desire to help.

Since the beginning of this year I’m writing articles for Icenetwork, which is one of the largest resources of figure skating not only in the U.S. but worldwide too. One can’t imagine my surprise and joy when the editorial staff of this project took me in their team. When I first started writing, I could not even imagine that it can be possible. It’s a great feeling when you work with professionals who have many years of experience in coverage various events of figure skating at the highest levels. And they do it perfectly. I’ve learned and continue to learn from them.

Also, knowledge obtained from the Poynter’s News University is very helpful in my work. The presence of various materials of journalism goes there with a very interesting way to an explanation of each topic. Journalism is a profession where you should always learn something new.

Unfortunately, in a country where I live, in the Republic of Moldova, skating is interested to a very small group of people. But the saddest thing is that editions are not interested in it too. When I started my project, I offered my interviews to the local press but they told me to write about what is happening in the republic. They have not answered to my logical question which was “Why you are not interested in international events in the world of sports?” Most local Moldova’s media live in a sort of its own world, which is isolated from the rest. They prefer to reprint the world’s news instead of writing them by their own reporters.

Many our editions generally preferred not to answer. Now it looks pretty funny – it turns out that journalists from the world famous American newspapers are willing to communicate, but journalists of the country, about which majority of others do not know, keep the arrogant silence.

One local Moldova’s journalist said that it’s probably the envy. I fully admit this thought, given the fact that under the current sorry state of the country as a whole, journalism is mostly available to people with more connections, money or friends. But this is no longer my problem because I found my niche, readers and recognition. I found it all in a country which located in several thousand kilometers from my home.

People tend to feel comfortable in the socio-cultural environment in which they can realize themselves and in which they are recognized and respected. All findings argue in favor of that for me this is precisely the American media space and I’m very proud of it and feel the deepest gratitude to my American friends and colleagues. In my further work I will be guided by these findings.

One more thing. When next time someone will ask me a question like “Where is your country?”, the answer will be “Where the heart is.”

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