Former ice dancer creates skating schools for all ages

Former ice dancer Anastasia Grebenkina is preparing a wonderful gift for figure skating fans in Moscow. As planned Anastasia, figure skating should be available for everybody, no matter the age. She studied the work of skating schools around the world and took into account all her previous teaching experience, noted the Russian press.

Anastasia Grebenkina is a former competitive ice dancer who represented Russia and Armenia. She teamed up with Vazgen Azrojan in 1996 and skated with him until 1998, representing Russia. They broke up and she skated with Vitali Novikov, also representing Russia.

She teamed up with Azrojan again in 2003, this time representing Armenia. They are the three time Armenian national champions and are the first Armenian skaters to medal at a Grand Prix event, which they did at the NHK Trophy in 2005. They were coached by Alexander Zhulin.

In recent years figure skating has become very popular again in our country. I’m very happy because of that. I work a lot with young skaters and I constantly communicate with their parents. And, you know, surprisingly, parents of skaters tell me that they would like to learn skating too but, unfortunately, there aren’t many skating schools for all ages.

I thought that I can change something in that. So, I decided to do some club system, which would have included figure skating groups for all ages and levels of skating. Classes will be available absolutely to everyone.” said Anastasia Grebenkina.

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