Medical notes for parents and children

By Vladislav Luchianov

Sporting progress inevitably increases the complexity of the requirements for technique in figure skating. But need to take into account anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child’s body: multi-jumping begin to learn a few years earlier than previously, and immature musculoskeletal system undergoes a tremendous workload. A cartilage of joint becomes thinner and exhausted, and as a result the cartilage of 10-12-year-old child has features of senile changes characteristic for a man aged 60-70 years. So I want to talk about prevention of arthritis in childhood and adolescence in athletes, especially in figure skating.

So the first rule for parents – at the slightest complaint of the child to back pain, joints, muscles turn to doctors. In the sports complexes, stadiums and ice rinks, as a rule, the physician is particularly closely monitoring the health of athletes. Sometimes, in addition to medication and physical therapy, rehabilitation requires wearing special instep, bandages, etc. Your doctor will tell you about the necessity of all these methods and will tell you an advice where to go to get more efficient procedures and/or purchase orthopedic products with an expert advice.

The rule number two – do not self-medicate. Only a doctor has the right to prescribe medications to your children. I specifically do not list the names of medications and treatments because they should be selected individually depending on the features of the child.

The rule number three – in case of complaints of pain in the joints is necessary to reduce the load for 2-3 weeks. Of course, your doctor will give you such advice but the important thing is to fulfill this condition immediately. And it concerns not only basic trainings but also other types of loads.

Very often, the skaters, especially boys during the puberty, start to complain of pain in the knee area. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by redness and swelling. This is the inflammation of the periosteum in the area of tibia’s tuberosity and it is provoked by the rapid growth of bone, which is not keeping pace with the muscle. The tendons of the muscles, which attach to the bones in this place, are too stretched and provoke detachment of periosteum and inflammation. It is especially important not to miss the first signs of the disease since it can be treated at the first symptoms quickly and easily. If the disease is run, the treatment will be long and difficult.

You also need to pay attention to strengthening the Achilles tendon. Since the skaters’ foots long period, during the trainings and competitions, located in the skates, the elasticity of the tendon is somewhat reduced, which may cause of anguish and break, as muscles contract. To prevent these injuries there are special exercises that are usually given by coaches in the general physical trainings. Don’t ignore these trainings.

Stay healthy!

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