Nikolai Morozov: “The transfer of Miki Ando is just a rumor”

Contrary to information published in the tabloid press and according to the Russian information portal, the one of the leaders of the world figure skating Miki Ando is not planning to get the Russian citizenship. The news that in 2012 the Japan’s figure skater will begin to train at the skating base in the suburban Novogorsk was also untrue.

“Information about a possible change in the citizenship and Miki Ando’s transfer to the Russian national team is just idle speculation and rumors,” said Nikolai Morozov, one of the head coaches of the Russian national figure skating team for the next season. “The transfer of Ando is not preparing even in the long term,” he noted.

The chances of the Russian ladies’ single figure skating Morozov rated as very high. “In Russia there are excellent juniors, who last year became world champions. So just need to work well and that’s all, ” a well-known coach continued.

At the 2011 World Junior Championships the Russia’s figure skaters took the first and second places. The first place in South Korea won Adelina Sotnikova. Another Russian figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamisheva won the silver medal.

The president of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia Alexander Gorshkov also denied all reports about this transfer. “I just came from vacation today and I don’t have any information about the transfer of Miki Ando to our team. Also, such procedure is very difficult.” said Alexander Gorshkov.

With regard to the strengthening of the Russian figure skating team through inviting  foreign athletes, according to Nikolai Morozov there is no need in it. “Our team does not need strengthening. Why invite someone, when we have good athletes? Also, the world ladies’ single skating don’t have absolute leaders and with all the other skaters we can compete successfully.” said the expert.

“We have very good prospects in our ladies’ single skating.” said Alexei Mishin, the coach of Elizaveta Tuktamisheva.

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