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Family traditions in British ice dancing

Olivia Smart and Joseph Buckland

We all know perfectly the gorgeous British ice dance couple Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland but I think not everyone know that Nicholas has a brother who also is engaged in figure skating. Joseph Buckland competes at the junior level with his partner Olivia Smart. Today they performed their short dance at the Junior Grand Prix stage in Austria (they’re 14th after the SD).

Florent Amodio: “My goal is a quad at every competition”

Florent Amodio

You know, it’s easy and very pleasant to communicate with such skaters as Florent Amodio. I will explain why. He is always himself, even after becoming the European champion. I talked to him a year ago, and he absolutely has not changed. He remains an interesting and very cheerful person. I guess many people ask themselves the question of why fans love some athletes more than others, though others sometimes have much more prestigious titles. I think that one reason for this is the ability to be yourself.

Russia takes three gold medals in Romania

Junior Grand Prix Brasov Cup

At the next stage of the Junior Grand Prix, which was held in Brasov, Romania, the Russian skaters have pleased their supporters having won gold medals in three disciplines. In ladies’ single skating the second victory in this season was gained by Polina Shelepen (157.61). Maxim Kovtun’s (182.91) first place became a small surprise in the men’s single skating. Ice dancers Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin (134.29) took the first place by a wide margin from their rivals.

Polina Agafonova: “I have made my choice”

Polina Agafonova and Alexei Urmanov

It’s no secret that the modern Russian junior skating has many talents. One of them is Polina Agafonova. She is the 2010 Russian Junior National champion and 2010 World Junior bronze medalist. In the beginning of this year she has won the European Youth Olympic Festival. Recently Polina took the bronze at the 2011 Junior Grand Prix stage in Latvia. Her coach is the 1994 Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov, who is also an Honoured Master of Sports of the Russian Federation. Polina’s choreographer is Liudmila Mozhina.

Senior skaters open new season in Oberstdorf

Nebelhorn Trophy

Senior skaters begin their season with the Nebelhorn Trophy, which will take place in Germany, September 21–24, 2011 in the Eislaufzentrum, Oberstdorf.

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