Alissa Czisny: “I always want to give my best to the audience”

Alissa Czisny

A year ago, before the start of the season, I spoke to Alissa Czisny about her plans for the coming year. While most skeptics even could not suggest that Alissa will be once again among the top skaters in the world. Before reading my new interview with one of the most artistic skaters, I suggest you re-read the last year’s one. Even then in her words was the confidence which no doubt helped her to achieve success in the past season.

She became the first skater since Michelle Kwan, who won a national title more than once. Her triumphant victory in the Grand Prix Final was the first victory of American skaters in this tournament since Sasha Cohen. But the greatest victory is the victory of Alissa’s inner world, genuine beauty of soul and strength of the character.

The past season showed that this lady has an inexhaustible potential which she is ready to continue implement on the ice. I talked with Alissa and I suggest you read her interview about the summer trainings, new programs and plans for the upcoming season.

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Author: Vladislav Luchianov

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