Alexei Yagudin: “Now I’m far from an amateur sport”

Alexei Yagudin

The famous figure skater shared with his impressions of participation in the ice show, which was dedicated to the anniversary of Tamara Moskvina, opinions about the development of figure skating and told about the place of figure skating in his life.

What the participation in this ice show means for you?

Alexei Yagudin: Any ice show is primarily a work but performances devoted to the anniversaries of Tamara Moskvina or Tatiana Tarasova are something special. These are people who did something incredible for sports development. They are still working and their students bring medals to our country.

What place in your today’s life occupies figure skating?

Alexei Yagudin: It would be foolish to say that figure skating is not on the first place in my life because it’s my job. With numerous shows of Ilia Averbukh we have 80-90 performances a year worldwide. But this is not a sport. Now I’m far from an amateur sport. Now in my life the important place occupies theater and cinema. I try to develop in this direction.

Do you watch what occurs in the world of figure skating?

Alexei Yagudin: Actually, no, I don’t. Now in men’s figure skating there aren’t recognized favorites. Those times have passed when I became a champion for several years in succession and then Evgeni Plushenko did the same. Now such isn’t presented.

Do you miss those emotions which accompany skaters in competitions?

Alexei Yagudin: I have enough of those emotions that I get from well-performed ice show. Sometimes these emotions are even stronger than on successful competitions. At the competition you work for yourself and for your country. But there are judges and you’re concentrating on them to get good points. In the ice show you perform only for the audience. Sometimes it’s a more hard work.

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