Elena Glebova: “I had to change something or end up with figure skating”

Elena Glebova

Estonian figure skater Elena Glebova has started this season very well, having taken the second place at the Finlandia Trophy. After the 2011 World Championships the skater has decided to switch to another coach and went to the USA, where she began to work with Igor Krokavec and Craig Maurizi.

Elena, where do you train now?

Elena Glebova: Now I train in Hackensack, New Jersey. It’s about 20 min. from New York.

How you have dared at such serious changes?

E. Glebova: It all started with that before the World championships I went to Japan to train with Nikolai Morozov earlier than planned. Competitions were postponed for a month and we went to Hackensack, where he has a training base. We’ve trained there for a month and at this time I have got acquainted with Igor Krokavec.

At that time we communicated just as friends, I even did not think that Igor is also a coach, though he already helped me a bit. Morozov has a lot of students and he didn’t always has enough time for me. Igor noticed some of my mistakes and always something prompted. At his trainings I’ve done a triple Lutz. I was surprised because I didn’t do it for some years.

After the Worlds I first thought to continue my work with Anna Levandi but then I decided that I have to either change something or end up with figure skating. I thought that I had nothing to lose and went to America for the summer.

Igor Krokavec is working in a team with another coach Craig Maurizi, who worked with Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes for the Olympics. My current choreographer Olga Orlova also works with them. So we have started to work and in July have understood that there is no sense to start all it only for the summer. The process has started and I began to improve.

What has changed?

E. Glebova: Almost everything has changed. American system of trainings is absolutely different.

Was it difficult to change your approach?

E. Glebova: No, it wasn’t. My coaches are very experienced and they know what to do. I started working in June, so it was not a sudden change. I have approached to the period of competitions in the necessary sporting shape.

Tell us about your programs for this season.

E. Glebova: My short program is based on the music from the movie “Angels and Demons”. In this program I’m the embodiment of the demon. The image of an angel obviously doesn’t approach me. And my free skate program is Spartacus. It’s a love story with a very energetic end. This is a completely new style for me.

Will triple Lutz be constantly in both of your programs?

E. Glebova: Yes, certainly. On trainings I already do the cascade of triple Lutz – triple toe loop but I don’t insert it on competitions yet.

Interview by Anastasia Ischanova

Estonian Public Broadcasting


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