Viktoria Volchkova – skater and coach

Viktoria Volchkova, Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes

Viktoria Volchkova is the Russian retired figure skater who is now a coach at the “Moskvich” skating club, Moscow. She is a four-time European bronze medalist and was the first lady to win four consecutive bronze medals at that event. She is the 1998 and 1999 World Junior bronze medalist and is a seven-time medalist at the Russian Figure Skating Championships.

In 2002 Viktoria has won the Moscow stage of Grand Prix, sensationally having beaten on it Sasha Cohen and Irina Slutskaya. In the same year she won the bronze at the Grand Prix Final.

After retiring from competition, she became a skating coach. Her students include such skaters as Sofia Biryukova, Polina Korobeynikova and Anna Shershak.

It is possible to tell with a confidence that Viktoria Volchkova already became one of the most professional Russian coaches. Today, her student Sofia Biryukova has won Finlandia Trophy and yesterday, her another student Anna Shershak has won a silver medal at the Junior Grand Prix stage in Milan. Also it would be desirable to note the second place of Polina Korobeynikova at the Junior Grand Prix in Romania. These are just recent successes of Viktoria’s skaters.

Absolutely all skaters, who work with her, are notable by the style of skating which perfectly combines figure skating technique with a very high level of artistry. They feel music very well and they try to do that each movement on the ice made sense.

This is, without any doubts, a big merit of Viktoria Volchkova. The harmonious combination of figure skating technical elements with a high level of artistic vision that is exactly what people want to see in the ladies’ figure skating.

In the face of Viktoria, Russia has acquired a very talented coach. We can only wish her and her students continued success, development and podiums of different competitions.

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

The photo shows Viktroria Volchkova, Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes standing side by side at the 2001 Skate America.

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