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Figure skating season is gaining momentum. The first stage of the Grand Prix, Skate America, will start very soon. It is logical to assume that many of figure skating fans are now thinking about where and how to watch figure skating. Unfortunately, our sport not always shines on TV channels as it deserves. This is especially true for the European regions. In this respect, Americans are more fortunate. This season, figure skating will be very well broadcasted in the U.S. by NBC Sports and Universal Sports channels.

So what is the uniqueness of Icenetwork? The uniqueness consists that the given resource allows you to watch all main U.S. national and international competitions in a full-length. A full schedule of competitions you can view on Icenetwork website. Another important factor is that you can watch performances of your favorite skaters not only live, but also at a convenient time for you (OnDemand). In my opinion, this is a very important function, especially if take place a large time difference.

Another big advantage of Icenetwork is just stunning image quality. At home I have a very good digital TV package but I can honestly say that Icenetwork absolutely doesn’t concede it. I understand that many people are accustomed to look for different “streams” through all the Internet. Sometimes it’s just impossible to find them and if possible, the quality is almost always can be left without comments.

Icenetwork service is entirely dedicated to figure skating, which means that you will not be distracted from viewing the various images on the site from other sports. In addition, professional journalists will provide you with lots of special videos, interesting interviews, press conferences and much, much more.

Unfortunately the Grand Prix stages will not be available to view to those who live outside the United States and its territories. For more information about restrictions, please visit Icenetwork.com. For this case, for my European readers, I can recommend Eurosport channel and / or its Eurosport Player.

By the way, this is not an advertising publication. I just wanted to share my own experience and my point of view on Icenetwork’s services, and I can say with certainty that their staff has a very high and professional approach to given services.

One more thing. When you will enter their site check out the price for the Season Pass and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised;)

So, stop your doubts, it’s time to act! You can get your Icenetwork Season Pass here>

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

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